Why try Aromatherapy Massage?

For over a thousand years, people around the world have extracted the aromatic compounds found in the leaves, flowers, bark, stems, roots, resin, seeds of plants or pith of fruits. These compounds were treasured for their enhancement of beauty, flavor and health. We now refer to these compounds as Essential Oils. Recognition of essential oils as powerful promoters of physical, mental and emotional health is backed by growing scientific validation. Holistic self-care with oils includes improving mood, rejuvenating skin and overall health. The term Aromatherapy was derived from the fact that essential oils are, by nature, aromatic. Aromas can elicit powerful physiological, mental and emotional responses. Essential oils can be directly inhaled, diffused or applied topically. As a person inhales an essential oil, the molecules are translated into a message that is delivered to the amygdala, the brain center for our emotions. This aromatic information is connected to the emotions of the situation making essential oils a powerful partner in creating and maintaining emotional health. Feelings of apathy, anxiousness, grief and many others can be positively affected during an Aromatherapy Massage. Blended oils are offered (Motivate*, Cheer*, Passion*, Forgive*, Console*, Peace*) in order to elicit the desired emotional response. Deep Blue* blend can be massaged thoroughly into the skin, increasing absorption and blood flow, which is especially helpful for muscle pain, body aches, and injured tissue. A scent-free carrier oil is also used to protect the skin from any possible sensitivity or irritation. Aromatherapy Massage is a great way to experience the positive effects of essential oils in your body and your spirit.

*dōTerra Proprietary blends